Conversion of BST(binary search tree) pre-order traversal to post-order traversal

Problem Statement: Post-order traversal to be printed from Pre-order traversal of a Binary Search Tree(BST). Prerequisite: BST & traversal A pre-order traversal of a BST is given. In BST, value/data ...continue

Group by a column in a given tabular data

Problem: A tabular data is given, you have to print all the data in the group by some column form. Group by columns refers to all the data entries or ...continue
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Install Go-Lang to your local system

Go Programming language, also known as go-lang, a popular programming language introduced by google, gained recognition among new generation programmers in a shorter span of time. Installing Go-lang is much ...continue

Drawing points and lines in OpenGL

OpenGL is cross-language and cross-platform application programming interface(API) for rendering 2D & 3D graphics. Drawing something is easy once you understand how OpenGL works. Points and lines are the primitives ...continue
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Goroutine: simple implementation

You might have heard about GoLang a lot in the recent years as it's one of the latest & popular programming languages. There are a thousand reasons for learning GoLang ...continue
visual for the audio chunk

Visualization of a stereo audio chunk or frame using OpenCV & PyAudio implemented in python

Probably you are searching for a code that can visualize audio chunk data. Visualization is crucial for various purposes like analysis, manipulation of audio in the form of chunks. Here, ...continue

Simple face detection using haar feature-based cascade classifier with OpenCV implemented in python

You are probably here for simple code that can be used for face detection using OpenCV, implemented in python, right? OpenCV features both training and detection. Here, we will concern ...continue

Divide first n natural number into minimum number of co-prime subsets

It is to divide the first n natural number into the minimum number of subsets such that each element is pairwise co-prime with every other element from the subset. Let's ...continue

why should you learn Go Programming language

Every day, thousands of new libraries are created, billions of lines of codes are written, millions of programs are compiled in hundreds of programming languages all around the globe. Many ...continue

Java Applet program that shows all available fonts using awt and applet package

This Applet program extracts all available fonts and prints them in a new window. It uses two packages named applet and awt, can be imported using the following code snippet ...continue

How to get the process details in node.js

Retrieving process details in node.js is easier than you think. We will be using ps-list package for this tutorial. If you don't have ps-list already installed in your node.js, install ...continue

How you can add Mathematical formula in question – answer or in forum

Our website support latex code. Using latex code you can render any mathematical formula. To use latex rendering, you must put latex open and close tags i.e. and latex code ...continue

Depth-map creation from stereo images implemented using python

What is depth map? A depth map is an image that contains information about the distance between the surface of objects from a given viewpoint generally from the camera by ...continue

Transmission Media | Physical layer | networking

Transmission media are mainly of two types, one is Guided Transmission Media and Unguided Transmission Media or Wireless Media. Guided Transmission Media Guided transmission media generally two types of materials ...continue

Introduction to Physical layer | networking

In OSI network model Physical layer is the lowest layer, which is the only layer that deals with the physical connectivity between two communicating bodies. It is concerned with the ...continue

ISO-OSI 7 layered network architecture

OSI stands for Open Systems Interconnection. OSI network model is a conceptual model that standardizes and categorizes the communication function of a computing system or telecommunication devices to ensure the ...continue

Analysis of algorithm

Every algorithm must be verified while designing it and its accuracy must be estimated, this is obtained by evaluating the algorithm. The algorithm can be evaluated by tracing all step ...continue