meaning: activities associated with sexual intercourse; most commonly referring to genital to genital insertive intercourse, but variously defined as including oral stimulation, non-insertive sex, and more (noun)

example:They had decided that they both wanted to have sex.


meaning: the properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles (noun)

example:It doesn't matter what sex you are.


meaning: the feelings resulting from the urge to gratify sexual impulses (noun)

example:We wanted a better sex life.


meaning: all the members of a gender as a group (noun)

example:My sex is known for being difficult.

meaning: to determine the gender of animals (verb)

example:I sexed the chickens into the right coops, to keep the roosters isolated.

meaning: to stimulate sexually (verb)

example:I decided to sex the party up by dancing.


meaning: genitalia (noun)

example:My sex is something I'd never show in public.


meaning: the female gender (noun)

example:The sex of Venice are undoubtedly of a distinguished beauty.