One of my graduate-level classes had our midterm exam that’s worth 30% of our class grade. Since our class is too big for proper distancing in our usual room, the professor split the class. 2/3 of the class would take the exam with the professor, while the rest of us would take the exam in another room with the TA. The class is normally 100 minutes long, but the exam was scheduled for 90 minutes and should conclude 10 minutes before the usual class end time. The TA was punctual and ended the exam for us at the 90 minute mark.

I found out from students who took the exam with the professor that they were allowed to finish the exam at the normal class end time, meaning they had an extra 10 minutes to work.

How should I approach this? I don’t know any of the people who were in my exam group so I can’t reach out and see if we are in agreement over the issue of having less time for the exam. Plus, even if we are, I’m not sure what realistically could be done to balance the scales.