We use LED construction lights for illuminating a photo or video set. As espected the lights flicker with the mains frequency. While in some cases this can be compensated with the right camerasettings it would be a lot easier if the flickering could be removed. The lights have total of 100W at 230V/50Hz. Osram LED worklight 2x50W

So I started out with a simple idea. A full-wave bridge rectifier with a smoothing capacitor. I had 22μF/400V capacitor and a 2W08G rectifier. The lights already flicker a lot less but the capacitor would need to be bigger of course.

A larger capacitor will result in a smoother DC, hoever that DC is still close to 325VDC which means way more power for the LEDs. Since I have no idea what, if any, electronics the lights have inside (I can not open them without likely breaking them), I do not know if thats an issue. I mean the lights have to deal with that voltage and current at the top of the sine curve, but only for a brief moment. With 325VDC I would expect the lights to get way hotter than allowed and eventually fail.


  1. Are my assumptions correct so far, or can I go with this simple solution for this application?
  2. If I can go with 1., do I need any extra restiors to protect the rectifier and/or capacitor?
  3. Is there a cheap (no more than 30€) and size wise small (<25cm³) solution that would give me a somewhat stable 230VDC? (I can’t find any ICs that can deal with that kind of voltage.)

Addendum 1:

  • all LEDs are on when behind the rectifier, so I guess the lamps already contain a rectifier inside, just nothing to smooth the waveform