I’m trying to use an active antenna with the GY-GPSV3-NEO-M8N GPS module. In the hardware manual for NEO-M8N it is said that I need a DC bias circuit like shown in the picture below. enter image description here

As shown I need RLC components connected to RF_IN and VCC_RF. I’m not embedding the GPS chip to my PCB so I need to change the components on the blue module itself. But I’m not certain which of the components is connected to which pin.

enter image description here

The antenna I’m trying to use has the specs shown in the picture below: enter image description here

I was told I need to be aware of the bias circuit to use any active antenna as well as the max gain of the GPS module.

Question #1: There are 2 components near the RF_IN pin in the blue module. (The ones inside the yellow box on the picture above.) The white component is for sure connected to RF_IN (I’m also not sure whether this is an inductor or not) and the resistor on the left. But I’m not sure where the resistor is connected. The bias circuit schematic from the datasheet says that the resistor next to the inductor needs to be connected to VCC_RF but this resistor seems to be connected to the pin next to VCC_RF, so RESET_N enter image description here

Question #2: Should I seek a GPS antenna with lower gain? Max gain for this chip is said to be 30dB in the datasheet. The antenna that I picked has 28+-2dB gain. Is it better to go for 22dB? ,

Any help is very much appreciated thank you for reading.