I’m working with the following magnetostriction oscillator, and I need helping to set the values for L1, C1, L2, and V (my BJT is a 2N2222) such that the length of my iron rod (labeled as ferromagnetic rod) is less than equal to 25 cm and its diameter is in a range of 3 to 6 mm.

enter image description here

If l is the length of the iron rod then–> enter image description here

Where Y is the Young’s modulus (208 x 10^9 PA from what I know) and P is the density (7860 kg/m^3)

The permeability is 6.3 *10^-3 and ideally, I’d like the magnetic field B1 created by L1 to be equal to 0.63 tesla (so that I can use a 0.1 mm thick copper wire for it.)

I’m not sure how to do the beta and alpha calculations to set the voltage and find out the collector and emitter currents, and I’m also not sure how to do the calculations for the current/voltage induced in L2.

Could someone please share a schematic for how the transistor becomes a current source when there is an EMF induced in L2? I can’t seem to understand that properly.