I was recently accused of cheating on my math final. I don’t want to go into detail but my professor filed the report to the student conduct office. I received a letter from them saying essentially because it’s my first violation, they will issue no sanctions against me and it will be filed as For Information Only (does that mean it’s just for record-keeping purposes and won’t go on my file) but my professor can issue and academic sanction. I still ended up getting a 0 on the final but because I never cheated before, she decided not to fail me in the class.

Now I am appealing my final grade because I didn’t work this hard in this class to get a D and because it was impossible to cheat because I had to take my final on a lockdown browser and had the camera on. Their evidence against me was that my hands weren’t properly in the frame and it "looked" like I cheated because of my supporting work I submitted. And now the department head is giving me a chance to show my academic capabilities and looking mostly at the format of my answers since it appeared on the test a "machine did it".

I guess my question is, since I didn’t get any sanctions by the school and a D in the class overall, a 0 on the final, can a worse penalty be issued? Like if I don’t "pass the test" in front of the department head, will I still have a D and 0 on the final? Or will something worse happen?