I want to have a double pulse test for the MOSFET. The drain current needs to reach 17 A peak. So to choose the capacitor and inductor I did the following,

DC Bus voltage = 400 V

    \[Ldfrac{di}{dt} = V_{DCBus}\]


    \[L = 400 mu H, di = 17, V_{DCBus} = 400V\]

the time is 17 microseconds. And taking

    \[CDelta V_{DC} = 0.5I_{pk}(Delta t)\]

I get C = 36 uF. (Taking voltage ripple as 1% of DC Bus voltage).

But the simulation the drain current does not reach 17 A, and the dt time does not match either. What am I doing wrong here? My main aim is to get 17 A drain current of the lower MOSFET.

This is the drain current. enter image description here

enter image description here The blue is the VGS of lower MOSFET.

enter image description here

EDIT:- I tried using 340V, L = 100 uH, C = 12.5 uF which should give 17A peak current for the MOSFET being turned on for 5 microseconds, but I got this, (blue is the drain current).

enter image description here

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