I think these are some strong reasons which would support a Venusian floating habitat

Venusian clouds have sulphuric acid and more than 96 % Carbon dioxide.

Does this ensures a constant supply of oxygen, hydrogen and Sulphur.

The surface composition of Venus — Silicon, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, manganese potassium iron, calcium and sulphur. Short mining excursions to the surface would help us obtain a load of minerals which can then be extracted in the habitat.

As it is closer to the sun, it receives 4 to 5 times the sunlight, therefore the solar energy output would also be very high if efficient photovoltaic cells are used. Solar power paired with nuclear power would ensure a robust power supply.

It has a thicker atmosphere, which protects us from radiation and meteor showers.

Though it has a very hot surface, with the right cooling system and heat and pressure resistant materials machinery can be deployed for exploration and mining. The high temp and pressure can also be used in our favor.

With the right engineering a floating sky habitat can be deployed in Venusian atmosphere.

7.closer to earth, reducing transportation costs.

If such a habitat is paired with Martian habitat, lunar base, mars cycler, cislunar gateway, LEO support settlement a integrated supply and transport chain can be built which can help a human space settlements and hotels Is there any problem with Venusian habitat ??