FFA marketing involves using free-for-all pages to promote your site. In my opinion FFA pages are one of the most overrated forms of Internet marketing there is.

No serious web marketer spends much time with this method of marketing because the results are far from positive but are in fact very negative meaning you’re worse of after using them then your were before using them. Sound strange? Well it’s not really strange, it’s what the industry calls a scam, a scam which benefits the owner of the FFA page.

The idea is that these things will get you more traffic because you’re getting links on other peoples websites which you don’t have to reciprocate. It sound good at the start but the problem is that nobody visits these pages while surfing normally, the only people that visit these are webmasters trying to get extra traffic to their sites. As well as webmasters software bots designed to add links and of course the dreaded email harvesters will visit. This means that your link will be up for a day or two at most and will then be replaced by the next web marketers link. Rarely do real people visit these pages.

In fact the most visits you could expect from a FFA posting campaign would be about 20 and in saying that around ten of those visits would come from email harvesters. Usually FFA submission software can submit to 500+ FFA pages and 500+ pages is what I mean by a ‘FFA posting campaign’. So you’ve posted your link to 500+ webpages and you’ve got 10 real visitors, even after using some automatic software it’s just not worth your time and effort.

Once again it’s simply not worth your effort to post to these things. The results aren’t positive, far from it, OK you get about ten people to your site but where’s the catch? What do the FFA page owners get? Well like it or not they get to send you about 30 spam emails each, some send more but generally after a month of being spammed constantly with useless ads you’ll start to see a drop-off in the amount you get each day.

The first ones usually a confirmation email with a few ads and from then on they’ll use your email address to send you lots of spam everyday even if your link has gone from their FFA page. That’s why they started the FFA in the beginning.

If you do decide to try your hand at FFA pages what to write my college essay about make sure you use some good software to do the job and what’s most important is to use a throw away email account like a Yahoo or Hotmail one. Never use your personal or official website email because you’ll have great difficulty in locating the real emails from the spam emails sent from the FFA.

One more thing to tell you about FFA pages, yes you guessed it, it’s a negative thing. The quality of the small amount of visitors you do get is very low, many visitors stay for only a few seconds and will never buy anything as they’re mostly webmasters who were posting themselves and came across an interesting sounding link and decided to check it out.