I have a linux server, which currently has below space usage:

/dev/sda3              20G   15G  4.2G  78% /
/dev/sda6              68G   42G   23G  65% /u01
/dev/sda2              30G  7.4G   21G  27% /opt
/dev/sda1              99M   19M   76M  20% /boot
tmpfs                  48G  8.2G   39G  18% /dev/shm

As you can see.

is at 78%. I want to check, which files or folders are consuming space.

I tried this:

find . -type d -size +100M

Which shows result like this:


Now this is my issue. I only want the name of those files located in folders that are consuming space at

and not at
. Since
is base of everything, it is showing me every file of my server.

Is is possible to get big files that is contributing to 78% of