var bitcoin = require('bitcoinjs-lib');
let bip32 = require('bip32');

let rootKey = 'xprv9s21ZrQH143K32CfqoCQHtbKiEb5BqFazXX6jCtNCnuty3gUjxS4CsXWi9rcNyHdjDVPiC6P1bnyEZr2ioouRq56h6HAdwejeTty1BsSEtL'
const node = bip32.fromBase58(rootKey, bitcoin.networks.bitcoin);

//legacy account extended private key
console.log("LEGACY: " + node.derivePath("m/44'/0'/0").toBase58())
(works as expected)

//segwit account extended private key
//trying to get a segwit extended private key (zprv) using the same inputs as above.

I want to get a segwit/bech32 extended private key using the same root key as above. How can I do this using bitcoinjs-lib? BIP84 only works for mnemonics IIRC.

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