I’ll make this simple. I’m looking to apply for my MCS at a well known North American University – the same University where I completed my BCS. To start – my grades are good, more than sufficient to get into an MCS program. My BCS GPA at completion was a 3.6.

However, I was young and especially dumb in University. I won’t go into details – I’m lucky to not currently be in a prison cell. My Professors and Instructors who fought hard to keep the University from expelling me. I owe another group of staff who kept another entire department calm. There was no property damage, injuries, or anything like that. I was supposed to be on permanent academic probation for it, with the understanding that any misstep would result in my permanent expulsion. However my official transcript shows "In good academic standing" after a year. I was never placed back on probation.

There is no avoiding that blemish (and nor should there). There isn’t a single Instructor, Professor, Assistant Dean, Associate Dean, or Dean who doesn’t know what happened. I have an excellent relationship with my former Instructors and Professors. My relationship with the various levels of the Deans would be best described as "non-existent", save one Assistant Dean.

TLDR: I made a pretty large, well known (at the University) mistake that should’ve seen me be expelled, and jailed. Instead, I was officially placed on academic probation for a year; It should’ve been permanent (by transcript records). Relationship with former instructors/professors is excellent. Relationship with former Dean, Assistant Dean and Associate Dean is is non-existent.

Am I screwed?