The old fashioned way to configure a lot of boards is to use pin headers with their jumper cap, i.e.:


enter image description here

On my board I need something similar to configure a high-power power source. Basically I have three screw connectors, and the user needs to select which one to use to power the driver. To be clear:


simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab

The three power sources are rated:

  • 24V 4A
  • 48V 6A
  • 60V 8A

Obviously I cannot use the tiny headers like above. Well, I can put several of them in parallel but it’s an ugly solution and error prone. And the customer doesn’t want a solder jumper.

I searched with keywords like "high power jumpers" but I found nothing – at least nothing useful to use on a PCB.

Does this kind of high current jumpers exist? How are they called?