Set the stage:

Say there is a massive grid disruption like what happened to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. I live somewhere were air conditioning may be needed for some groups to remain healthy.

I have a 7 kWh PV solar install and a 6kWh stand alone generator(Its on wheels).

Say to run my house with air conditioning: I need 10kWh of production and demand for air conditioning matches the solar cycle.

Without air conditioning the generator can handle everything.

My idea is:

I could cut the utility tamper lock and pop off the meter to prevent back feeding to the grid. Then I could wire the 240 output of the generator in to the distribution panel alongside the 240 out of the solar?

The solar will not run when the grid is out. I assume it knows when the grid is out by the lack of a AC sine wave. So connecting the generator will give it a wave to match.

So the real question:

From 0 – 10, where 1 is about as dangerous as an open flame indoors and 10 being might as well try it if you’re going to die anyway, how bad of an idea is this? Why?