I am a PhD student majoring in Medical Engineering. My interest in Math is high, but my knowledge isn’t. I have just a bit of knowledge in Calculus, Linear Algebra and a little Statistics (just can do mean median and mode). When I entered my PhD, I was really surprised at the complexity of the concepts we were expected to know, like SLAM, Greene Theorem, Cholesky factor, etc.

How can I catch up? The time constraint is really short (2 months), and I want to really understand all the concepts to the point where I can derive them. However, if I am stuck, I don’t wanna see the answer since it makes me feel depressed that makes me realize that I really lack in fundamentals.

I really like Mathematics, but after seeing a lot of Math problems on YouTube where I cannot even get close to the solution, I am questioning whether I am fit for Engineering or not.

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