I am trying to install a 50A circuit breaker for a 14-50 outlet. I’d like to put that breaker in the main panel of the house.

Looking at my panel I cannot figure out how to cut power to the whole panel. There doesn’t seem to be a service disconnect anywhere. I can see breakers which feed: a subpanel in the garage, the oven, the AC, the irrigation system, and the telephone/TV panel. But no main breaker or service disconnect. What am I missing?

The only other things on this panel are 2 sections: 1 where the meter sits (below the pictured panel) and, next to it, a section that’s sealed off by the electric company (PG&E). Could my service disconnect be in the street (there’s a bolted down box in my front lawn), or in the sealed box?

Thank you!

house main panel

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