I have a task to set up new

www server
, and it came with small shock –
will not be continued (I’m not a linux guy, so it’s new for me). Same story as it seems is with
webpanel I was using before.

So replacements must be found.

So far:

Rocky Linux - will replace CentOS but it is a new untested product.
Ubuntu - proven alternative?

And for www webpanel combo:

HestiaCP - from what I read its a fork of Vesta CP.

What I need is (except obvious stuff) easy management of (bought from provider)

ssl certificates
, and variety of database reading engines (
pdo, sqlsrv
– I’n not sure with one will be needed, so I would prefer have both. As a matter of fact some code still uses
so it would be nice to have that one too if possible – it would make migration easier)

Server should have fair security settings (like vesta provided – so it passed standard security tests).

I’m curious about you opinions and experience.