I’m using "iot" radio module designed with a 50 ohm single ended antenna output. The working frequency is about 868 MHz the max. tx power 14dBm. The module antenna output is connected to a 50 ohm pcb transmission line and some rf switches and ends on a sma female connector. The connector is meant for attaching an external 50 ohm antenna. In the path is also place for PI matching network.

I know how to correctly match a path+sma including attached antenna (pcb or external) with a vna – For this task many explanations can be found online.

But in my current case the antenna is not yet known. But I want to make sure that any antenna would see 50 ohm on the sma connector. So my questions is: How to match just the rf path + sma connector to 50ohm instead of matching the rf path + sma connector + attached antenna?

Thank you!