At the beginning of March I applied for a postdoc position that was very close to the research topic of my PhD. I also sent an email to the Professor who posted the position in order to persuade him of my qualifications and my willingness to obtain the position.

On the 18th of March he replied to my email and we scheduled a zoom meeting on the 22nd of March. The meeting went well, and he told me that there will be another formal meeting after a month (around 22nd of April). However, the 22nd passed and no meeting took place.

After I sent him another email on the 27th of April, he told me that there have been issues related to the funding at the faculty level and everything has been delayed, and that they promised him he will get an update in the next few days, he also promised he will keep me updated.

However, to this day I have not received any updates regarding the situation, and I am confused as to whether I need to contact him again. I don’t want to look rude nor pesky, but I really want things to move forward and do the second interview as soon as possible.

Should I contact him now or should I wait more? I believe the next few days means 3-5 days and should not exceed one week, but this is now the third week and I am still waiting.