I am planning to submit my work to Pattern Recognition journal, and I am looking for its appropriate latex template.

I read the author guidline carefully, but honestly it is quite confusing to me. As to the template, all it says are

  1. elsarticle.cls should be used for latex template
  2. page limits to 20 to 35
  3. double spaced and single column

Then, I am wondering if I can change the the provided template settings when there is no specific instructions for them Specifically,

  • May I use the template from here, and am I allowed to change its margin? (The guideline gives no specific instruction for the margin specification at all.) enter image description here

My lab published several papers to this journal recently, however it was all done by docx using Word. What really confuses me is that the latex template provided here has a much bigger margin size than the docx template our lab used.

I would be very grateful if someone who published to this journal using latex could give me some template advices on the first submission.

Thanks a lot for reading my question.