I am an electronics enigneering graduate who works on developing the electronics for an EV charger. We are now in the process of slowly geting ready to get the product certified, which includes EMC testing. I have a reasonable understanding about EMC and its measurment and steps to take to minimize EMI, however i have no practical experience with a real product. Currently the company doesnt have any EMI measurment equipment other then digital osciloscopes.

My question is what sort of equiment should i consider purchesing for the company to get in order to pass EMC testing? I was thinking about obtaining a LISN and a spectral anylizer and perhaps some near field E and H probes, however that equipment is already at minimum a couple thousand dolars. is there an alternative like leasing equipment or going to a 3rd party lab that has cheaper rates then a notifying body laboratory?

How would someone go through EMC compliance when starting from scratch?

Thank you for your help