I’m currently looking into the modelling of a DFIG in simulink (however I have seen models in other programs as well) and I’m slightly confused as to why there is a 3-phase voltage input to the stator (for example from this source: https://uk.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/57441-dfig-wind-turbine-model?s_tid=srchtitle). I have also seen this input in literature around DFIG simulation and other models.

I’m not trying to make this too much of a simulation/question, however from my understanding I don’t know why there is an input voltage to the stator. There should be active power from the stator to the grid and there would need to be current supplied to the rotor for magnetisation to then induce a voltage.

Apologies if this purely pertains to simulink however I was just looking for any clarification on the above issue from the general operation of a DFIG; and/or whether my analysis is correct. Any response would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance