I recently applied to a postdoc position in Norway, this was an advertised role in an engineering department rather than a fellowship application. I had a brief email exchange with the hiring professor in advance and they thought I would be a suitable candidate and encouraged me to apply.

The application was through the jobbnorge website which appears to be standard in Norway.

After 6 weeks since application deadline I have not had any contact and it still shows as submitted in the jobbnorge portal. I do not know of the portal would give an update if I wasn’t successful.

My questions are

  1. What is the typical time frame for hearing back on any decision in Norway for postdoc applications?

  2. Is it typical to hear back if I am not invited for interview or can I assume no news is neither good nor bad?

There is a similar question here: Hiring Process in Norway for Postdocs Although it is not clear what time scales are involved in that question or if they were between application or interview, though it does imply the process is slow.

Thank you.