Here is a video I recorded of the problem I am having. Hopefully this can help you understand the problem I am having in greater depth because I am not as techy as some of you are.


I have an HP 1200w power supply running on 120v. It delivers 900w on 120v + 80% rule = about 720w of power. I am using the parallel miner ZSX-AMP breakout board along with the PSU. The issue is that whenever I turn the breakout board on, the motherboard does not turn on. We have tried it with two motherboards (MSI z390 gaming pro , and the MSI z490 A pro) and still neither board turns on. The DC / 12v lights on the breakout board turn on; however,the PC blue light that indicates that the motherboard has power does not turn on. The only issue is whenever I short the motherboard to turn it on (the switch hasn’t arrived yet) the blue light flashes on for a second, and the motherboard gets power for a second and instantly shuts off. Why won’t the motherboard stay on? Is it something in the bios? Hopefully the video I uploaded to YouTube can explain it better. Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!