I have an executable for the perforce version control client (

). I can’t place it in
because I don’t have root privileges. Is there a standard location where it needs to be placed under
HOME</pre></div><!-- /wp:codemirror-blocks/code-block -->?<!-- /wp:paragraph -->  <!-- wp:paragraph -->Does the File System Hierarchy have a convention that says that local executables/binaries need to be placed in <!-- wp:codemirror-blocks/code-block {"showPanel":false,"languageLabel":"no","mode":"clike","mime":"text\/x-c++src"} --> 				<div class="wp-block-codemirror-blocks-code-block code-block"><pre>HOME/bin

I couldn’t find such a convention mentioned on the Wikipedia article for the FHS.

Also, if there indeed is a convention, would I have to explicitly include the path to the

directory or whatever the location of the
directory is?